The One Thing You Must Do to Improve Quality of Work in Your HVAC Company

Ensuring your field techs provide high-quality service and installation is critical to the long-term success of your business. If word gets around that your techs can’t be trusted to do the job right the first time, your phone rings a lot less. And if your employees don’t install equipment or make repairs correctly, you may have to return and fix the problem for free — at best. At worst, it could leave you liable for resulting property damage or even injuries.

But there’s one thing you can do to improve quality of work provided by your existing technicians. That’s training.

Technical Training Is Not a One-and-Done Job

Most likely, you offer some level of training when you bring on new employees. Whether that’s an apprenticeship for inexperienced techs or just a few days of shadowing an existing employee to learn the ropes for those who come from the industry, new employee training is important. This is where you show people who your unique systems work, let them know what you expect when it comes to customer service and cover the basics of installation and repair.

But no matter how thorough that training is — or how experienced your techs are — ongoing training is essential. Here’s why.

  • Techs work with so many moving parts, factors and situations, it can be hard to remember them all. Periodic training acts as a refresher course, especially for dealing with less common issues or repairs.
  • No one is perfect. Even your most adept tech can — and should — learn something new from time to time so they can improve their own performance and better serve your clients.
  • Technology evolves rapidly, and techs who don’t get regular training don’t learn about new products to offer clients or how to work on them.

How to Offer Consistent Training for Existing Techs

It might seem like a tall order to incorporate regular technical training for your employees — especially if your top techs know as much about the industry as you do. Here are some steps you can take to keep everyone in the know.

  • Attend industry workshops and conferences on a regular basis, such as World Service Expo, and bring the information you learn back to the office in the form of weekly training meetings.
  • Send your techs to workshops, conferences and training too; your most experienced techs may pick up information you didn’t, and they can share that knowledge when they return. Empowering employees to learn and train each other helps increase buy-in on the importance of continuing education.
  • Invite experts to come and speak with your staff if you’re able.
  • Create programs that require techs to work on jobs together on occasion so they can learn tips and tricks from each other.
  • Invest in cross-training — teach someone who has only done installations to do repairs, for example.
  • Purchase subscriptions to industry magazines, newsletters and websites and share them with employees who would like to read up on new innovations or methods.

Continuous technical training works best when you fully support it — with your time and budget — and get buy-in from your entire staff. Make it fun when you can, and speak regularly about the benefits of ongoing training to staff, the business and customers.

Not sure where to find great technical training for your staff? Check out the offerings at Service World Expo.

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