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Robert Guiler
SWE Breakout Speakers
How hiring the right people can increase profitability and customer satisfaction!

What do you do when you hire a new Tech who is challenged with understanding systems, repairs and interacting with demanding homeowners? Today, when a Tech walks into a home to perform services and present the job, they have to compete with how quickly the owner can “Google” our service, parts and a DIY script.

So how do we compete, win the job, sell additional services and a maintenance contract?  In this session, Robert will discuss best hiring practices that are sure ways of helping you answer all these questions and more.

About Robert Guiler

Rob joined the team this year bringing with him more than 35 years of award winning sales experience. He boasts a most unique start to his career in sales and sales management as a Chemist that morphed into IT sales for over 25 years with Hewlett-Packard. New opportunities and a focus on SaaS software sales has brought him many experiences including Tax based accounting software, Time tracking and Real Estate investment all into the small and medium business space. His experience and focus on cloud solutions allows him to help our customers grow profitably and provide new and innovative solutions to their clients.

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