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Matt Prazenka
SWE Breakout Speakers
How to Conduct A Great Interview with Millennials

While Millennials are going to be the prime candidates to fill new roles in our industry as plumbers, Electricians, HVAC techs and installers understanding them and how they can be a compliment to your business is the difference between butting heads or collaboration in solving the larger problems and measurable success. However, the issue is greater than Generational as our work force is becoming more diversified not only with age, but different cultures, religions, and nationalities. The question is not how to interview Millennials but how to engage all candidates in learning about them and what motivates them. It’s getting past the stereotypes and labels that are biases we all carry from our experiences and external influences of our lives. Let’s talk about how to perform an interview that gets pass learning about a person’s skills and more diving into their personalities and things that motivate them. It’s what makes them tick, what affects their attitudes, what extinguishes their passions, and what sets them on fire. It’s about making interviewing more a science and less of an Art. Lets have a discussion and share among one another to improve the odds of making that great hire.

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