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Joe Cunningham
SWE Breakout Speakers
Extreme Survival: Tougher than a desert island, being naked or having a hard time lighting the fire!

Joe will discuss how you can prepare in a moment’s notice and create things from scratch, all while keeping your team going when the future looks bleak.

About Joe Cunningham

The only 2 time recipient of the Prestigious HVAC Contracting Business Consultant of the Year and 2015 Top Ten Most Influential People In The HVAC Industry, 2018 Australian Consultant Of The Year, Joe is the founder and president of Successtrack Network and the Technical Arts Center.

Joe started his HVAC career as one of the industry’s first “Million Dollar Men” , singlehandedly selling in excess of 1 million dollars worth of HVAC equipment per year in the highly competitive Houston, Texas market in the 1980’s.

Joe has worked at every level of the HVAC business, he has been a contractor, worked closely with distributors and manufacturers and played a pivotal role in creating and developing several premiere HVAC training programs including the Carrier Texas Tough program and Carrier’s Value Added Selling and Service Series. He was also a developer of many of the programs used by Retrotec as they developed the curriculum and course for the acclaimed Comfort Institute, a leader in the study and application of Building Science and its implementation into the HVAC industry.

Not only that, Joe is one of the few consultants and trainers in the industry to currently own and operate a successful HVAC company in the most competitive Air Conditioning market in the world, Houston, Texas.

Joe was an honorary chairman for the President’s Small Business Advisory Council under President George Bush, he served as president of the highly acclaimed Future University training academy for Contractor Success Group and was the executive producer and director of the first ever regularly scheduled nationally televised training series for the HVAC industry.

Joe was also a key player in the first wave of industry consolidation assisting Service Experts in their launch. Joe has developed proprietary training programs for the HVAC and Plumbing. He is a Strategic Training Ally for the Trane and American Standard companies, is an approved Coach and Consultant for Service Roundtable and Service Nation. Joe has personally trained over 35,000 technicians, has created more million dollar sales producers than anyone in the business and helped countless HVAC companies of all sizes to grow and prosper in any economic environment in the United States and Australia.

And now Joe has introduced the world to the Technical Arts Center, a leading training center located in Houston Texas which is the only training center in the world that can take a new entry into the HVAC Industry and turn him into a functioning maintenance technician able to run calls and make his company money in just 9 short days! And to make it better the course is now being expanded into the plumbing industry and soon to follow the electrical business as well.

There are very few people on the globe with Joe’s depth of service industry experience and ability. His classes are incomparable and have received rave reviews from every single attendee!

Joe can make any company more successful regardless of location or trade, guaranteed!

Here are a list of links to provide more information;


Here are some people you can message for references and then I have provided some links that will give you some more of my history and information.

Doug Wilson is the president of American Standard, I’ve worked with him for years on the TRANE and American Standard side as well, if you need his number let me know.


These are Regional managers for Trane that I’ve worked with for many years as well, there are many others as well.


You can also contact any of the leaders at Service Roundtable or Service Nation, 877-262-3341


Ron Smith (you can google his name along with HVAC) is known as the “Godfather“ of modern AC


The next 2 links will take you to Contractors of the Year/ you can contact either of these business owners  for references, I have helped these companies and many other Contractor of the Year recipients


These are some other industry leaders I’ve worked with for a long time (my first consulting client 1989 and still my client ) We have worked together as he built and sold 2 highly successful HVAC companies and he’s now on his third


And almost every person contributing to this article is or has been my client


These are my primary domain names

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