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David Holt
SWE Breakout Speakers
Selling High-Performance HVAC Systems: Delivering Customers Safety, Health, Comfort, and Efficiency

While industry “trunk slammers” compete using low-price/low-quality tactics, high-performance HVAC pros profitably grow their business year after year by offering the safety, health, comfort, and efficiency benefits that customers deserve. Join us to learn high-performance HVAC sales strategies!

About David Holt

Four generations of David’s family have been involved in the HVAC industry.

In the 1940s, Ralph Holt, David’s grandfather, began servicing and installing commercial HVAC systems in their hometown of Columbus, Georgia. In 1956, Ralph decided he wanted his own HVAC business so he started Holt Service Company in his backyard garage. Holt Service Company remained in the family for 43 years and grew to $3.5 million in sales. During that time, David was involved with the business in a variety of ways. He was a warehouse floor sweeper and a parts runner as a teenager. After college, he built a service management system for the business as a software developer.

In 1991, David left the software industry and joined the company serving as a residential/light commercial sales consultant, a sales manager, a general manager, and finally the president. He served the industry in several local, state and national trade associations including being elected National Vice President of ACCA representing the Southeastern US in 1998. After his dad sold Holt Service Company in 1999 to a consolidator, David began his consulting, training, and coaching career in the HVAC industry. He helped build his brother’s company, Profit Strategies, into a leading provider of flat rate pricing systems for the HVAC industry before joining NCI in 2011.

For the past nine years, he and his team have focused on teaching residential/light commercial HVAC contractors how to successfully implement NCI’s “high-performance HVAC” processes to help differentiate their business.

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