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Colleen Keyworth
SWE Breakout Speakers
Move Up in Google Search by Taking Rule-Breaking Competitors Down

Learn how to become an “SEO Vigilante” and battle spam listings in your service area. Right now, more than ever, Google wants your help to spot “spam business listings”. They rely heavily on crowd sourcing and public opinion to keep GMB listing info accurate. In this session, you will learn how to spot “spam” Google My Business listings while, at the same time, making sure your business avoids being classified as such. Learn the steps to take to get rid of competitors using keyword spam and fake addresses in their listings. We promise the tools we lay out in this session will enable you to become the “SEO Batman” of your area—not the hero your competition wanted, but the hero any rule benders deserve!

About Colleen Keyworth

Colleen Keyworth is the Director of Sales and Marketing for Online-Access, an HVAC web marketing company located in Michigan. Growing up and working in her family’s HVAC and plumbing business, she has a clear understanding of contracting as well as the realities that contractors face in owning and operating a profitable business. Keyworth was also recognized in the ACHR News’s 2019 ‘Top 40 under 40’ in the HVACR Industry. Online-Access was originally launched out of her family’s business in 2000 to meet their own marketing needs and those of other contractors. Today, Online-Access works daily with hundreds of HVAC, plumbing and electrical contracting companies throughout North America. Colleen’s communication skills (and complete lack of shyness) have been instrumental in expanding the company’s sales efforts and product base. Keyworth regularly teaches and trains contractors around the country about how to better use the web to generate business. She has also been on the board of Women in HVACR for the last six years—maintaining their web presence and playing a key role in their marketing and event planning. During her time serving on the board, the organization has grown from 100 to over 500 members. Keyworth also serves on the board of the Southeast Michigan Air Conditioning Contractors Association.

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