Trevor Flannigan

Breakout Presentation:

Thursday, October 11th, 1:00 PM – 1:45 PM

I NEED HELP! Proven Methods to Find and Keep Experienced Residential Technicians, Plumbers, and Electricians

Having hired more than 150 field employees in four years for a top tier residential contractor, Trevor Flannigan from HomeServiceChats will walk you through where and how to get the talent you need to grow! Participants will leave with a workbook and actionable plan for 2019. 

About Trevor Flannigan

Trevor Flannigan served as director of operations for a residential plumbing, HVAC and rooter business in Kansas City from 2013 to 2017. Flannigan helped the company grow to over 75 trucks and more than $21 million in revenue, hiring more than 150 technicians along the way.

As director of operations, Flannigan excelled in all the various divisions of the company. He expertly managed the human resources department, demonstrating a natural aptitude in hiring and placement, and his work with the marketing department directly impacted the revenue of the company leading to much of its growth.

Flannigan now serves as Chief Operating Officer for HomeServiceChats, a website chat company for the home services industry. HomeServiceChats employs live chat experts that engage website visitors, help answer questions and then direct the visitors appropriately. The company was founded in February, 2017 and under Flannigan’s leadership and expertise with call center scripting and calls to action has since grown to more than 90 employees and serves more than 1000 businesses.

The company facilitates hundreds of thousands of chats each month and helped acquire nearly 20,000 new customers last month alone. Even their location expanded, growing from 400 to 17,500 square feet to accommodate their burgeoning business. Clients using HomeServiceChats regularly report a 40 percent increase in website leads and a significant uptick in recruiting strategy.

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