Tim McGuire

Breakout Presentation:

Wednesday, October 10th, 10:15 AM – 11:00 AM

Refrigerant Tracking – What Are My Responsibilities?

There have been a number of changes in the past year as well as new EPA rules that will go into effect in 2019 which effect requirements for the tracking of usage and recovery of refrigerant. This session will offer an overview of the current requirements as well as the upcoming changes. We will also discuss how you can track this information in your business to assure you are meeting and able to document your satisfying of the EPA requirements.

About Tim McGuire

Tim has been with SuccessWare, Inc for 15 years, based in Clarence, NY, a suburb of Buffalo. For the past 9 years he has served in the role of Director of Sales and Marketing. He is responsible for all sales and marketing including delivery of complete product demos as well as representing the product at industry conventions and vendor trade shows. He is also involved in the creation of the software’s development requirements and customer facing design.

Tim is additionally involved in business development, working to grow partnerships with complementary companies in SuccessWare’s target industry, as well through revenue sharing agreements and cooperative marketing campaigns.

Previous to his current role he served as SuccessWare’s Director of Training and Support where he was responsible for creating and delivering all training related to the implementation and usage of SuccessWare21 software. He wrote and maintained the software help files and support documentation, both customer facing and internal, while working with the sales department to deliver software demos and serve in the role of product specialist.

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