Steve Mores

Breakout Presentation:

Wednesday, October 10th, 10:15 AM – 11:00 AM

Technician Fitness and the Training Diet

Making the most out of every meal is key to good health and research shows that simply making better decisions about what type of foods you eat, rather than counting calories or restricting portion sizes, will help you stay healthier, lose weight and keep it off. A direct correlation can be made with a technician’s performance in the field. Steve will explain how to get the most out of every training rather than just counting how many training certificates a technician has. A steady diet of the right training, follow-up and accountability will keep your techs “service call healthy”!

About Steve Mores

Steve Mores is Vice President of Training and Sales for Dynamic Air Quality Solutions, a position he has held since October of 2009. In 1989 he founded Premier Environmental Technologies, a company that introduced new technology IAQ products to the HVAC industry and designed some of the first marketable ultraviolet energy systems for residential applications. Under his direction and leadership, this company grew quickly into the largest independent distributor of IAQ products in the Midwestern states. For six years prior to joining Dynamic AQS, Steve was a divisional President at Clockwork Home Services and was instrumental in starting their Nature’s Home Indoor Air Quality division and IAQ training program. He continues to train, research and assist in designing IAQ product solutions for residential applications. As a professional trainer specializing in accessory sales and communication, consultant and public speaker, he has helped hundreds of contractors enhance their success through sustainable business practices in accessary sales.

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