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Is Your Benefit Package About Your Employees or Your Budget

Want Benefits that will recruit, retain and create Employee and Family loyalty? Want a cost that fits into your budget, not your budget? Every report we see points to Employees are looking for Employers who offer benefits necessary to maintaining their family’s lifestyle. Unfortunately, budget often directs what you offer not what you want to offer your employees. Come to this session to find out what benefits your employees really want, strategy and worksheet to develop your true costs currently and options to have benefits that your employees want, not what your budget can afford, but possibly your employees can’t.

About Melanie Gentry

Melanie Gentry founded Comprehensive Employment Solution (CES) in 2005. CES’s industry recognized Employee Management Support and Compliance Protection is exclusive to HVAC, Plumbing and Electrical residential service providers. Why? You are unique in your industry and so are your HR & Safety and Compensation and Payroll management needs and solutions. In 2016 Melanie and her team working with insurance agency affiliates tackled benefits for employees, and CES now offers support and a fresh approach to employee benefits with their business partners – Hashtag Insurance Agency. In the same manner you brand your company to convey a certain professional image to your customer, CES provides customized resources to “brand your employee management” as professional, thorough and complete to government agencies and attorneys. CES offers support for every day employee issues and when an employee does something that you never even thought of.

Melanie is passionate in her belief that contractors are the backbone of America. Personally, Melanie has more than fifteen years’ experience as a commercial insurance professional and over twenty years’ experience working exclusively with residential service providers across the country.  Her company, CES, is committed to working with dynamic organizations whose members value the principle of group solutions and buying power to manage and grow your company profitably and value.

Away from the office, Melanie is a devoted mother and grandmother, supports the Joseph Groh Foundation (, marginally plays at golf and is a recreational poker player. 

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