Jonathan Clark

Breakout Presentation:

Breakout Date & Time Wednesday, October 16, 3:00 PM

Jonathan Clark

Measure Your Way to Success: Focus on These Metrics When Evaluating Customer Happiness

You probably already measure your business’s financial performance, call-to-customer conversion, and other key performance indicators, but are you also measuring customer satisfaction? Attaching metrics to a feeling may seem counterintuitive, but we’re here to show you some tried and tested methods to track and measure this important aspect of your business. You’ll learn LTR, PREA, and NPS as options for tracking customer happiness, plus tips on how to implement one or all of these metrics into your routine, as well as best practices for increasing customer happiness. Join experts from GuildQuality who will share 15 years of industry knowledge in gathering and leveraging customer feedback to build better businesses.

About Jonathan Clark

Jonathan Clark is the Customer Success Manager at GuildQuality, a third-party customer satisfaction surveying and performance reporting company. A born and bred product of the South, Jonathan received his higher education at the University of Georgia and has been with GuildQuality for over five years. Through his tenure at the company, Jonathan has worked directly with thousands of contractors across the US and Canada and has seen first-hand just how important customer feedback is to the success of their business.

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