John Heisler

Breakout Presentation:

Breakout Date & Time Friday, October 18, 8:45 AM

Non-Invasive Drain Waste & Vent Rehabilitation

This presentation explains a new Uniform Plumbing Code and ICC coded and the process of rehabilitating drain, waste and vent piping without opening up walls, ceilings and floors, ripping out the old piping and replacing it. The methodology applies a strong poly urea product to cleaned pipe using a technology that allows the applicator to apply the product through clean-outs, drains, and appliance openings to the central building sewer system. We will discuss the testing of the materials for this process as well as the applicable standards.

About John Heisler

John Heisler has over 40 years of underground construction experience in the water and sewer utility industry including 13 years as a plumbing & HVAC contractor in the Midwest. Heisler is responsible for R & D projects for the industry within the company as well as a technical support person for staff and customers.

Heisler has served in many leadership positions in the public sector including Board Chairman of a Community College, Trustee on a Sanitary Sewer Board, and Chief Ambassador of the Sioux Falls Area Chamber of Commerce. In addition he’s a member of ASTM as well as other trade associations.

Heisler is a mentor to new contractors entering the CIPP sanitary sewer rehabilitation and the AIPPR drain, waste and vent piping inside buildings.

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