Jennifer Davis

Breakout Presentation:

Breakout Date & Time Friday, October 19, 9:45 AM

Jennifer Davis

Exponential Technology

Today, we find ourselves in a world where technology is consistently growing and changing exponentially. Let’s explore the world of change together and learn how those changes will benefit your business, employees, and customers today.

About Jennifer Davis

Jennifer Davis’ life story and business acumen are the outstanding credentials that make her a sought-after speaker for any group, large or small. She is bright, engaging, articulate, and has a marvelous sense of humor. As the President of a very successful growing company, a community volunteer, a wife, and a mother of 6, she brings a wealth of experience and
knowledge to any audience. At just seventeen years of age, Jennifer cofounded Davisware, located in West Dundee, Illinois. She started the business with Dan Davis, while working with him to design software for a family HVAC business. That collaboration grew into Davisware as well as a marriage of more than 20 years. The company creates customized software for their clients, marketed under the trade names GlobalEdge Software, Global Warranty, Global Field Solutions, E2, Global Trade, Global Imaging and S2000 Service Software.

Jennifer earned her degree in Education at North Central College in Naperville, Illinois. As a community volunteer, she has been a member of the Little League Board of Directors, an officer of the school parent association, a member of the school education commission and has co-chaired several very successful charity auctions. She is an avid marathon runner, competitive stair-climber and tri-athlete. She enjoys involving young people in her fitness passion by coaching youth volleyball and crosscountry teams.

Jennifer and Dan Davis like to share athletic activities, travel and adventure with their 6 children, ages five to eighteen. By example, they have taught their children the value of community service, physical fitness and hard work. The Davis family lives in the Chicago land area.



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