Jeff Crandall

Breakout Presentation:

Breakout Date & Time Wednesday, October 16, 11:15 AM

Jeff Crandall

Field Process Playbook: 6 Winning Plays Proven to Drive Profitability

Taking your company to the next level requires a repeatable and profitable field process. Working with some of the most successful contractors in the industry, Profit Rhino has identified six proven winners that will make your field process the strength of your company.  In this seminar we will share these six proven winners and help you develop an action plan to implement them in your business. Following these proven methods will help you drive a consistent customer experience and increase profitability on every service call.

About Jeff Crandall

Jeff Crandall is a customer service and sales expert, equipped with the knowledge, tools and technology to help your business succeed. Jeff brings over 20 years of experience in training and developing top performing customer service representatives and sales teams.  He has spent the last five years working with home service contractors, helping them understand the power of options, flat rate and how to get the most out of their business.  From his time spent in the United States Army, Jeff brings a strong work ethic, a team-first attitude, and a commitment to helping home service contractors succeed.

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