Jamey Hale

Breakout Presentation:

Breakout Date & Time Thursday, October 17, 3:15 PM

Jamey Hale

New Generation of Refrigerants HFOs

This session not only digs into questions about the New Generation of HFOs, but will also explain about regulations that we face today, conversion guideline, OEMs using HFO refrigerants Chemours technical support, and continuing education resources.

About Jamey Hale

Jamey Hale, CMS has 40 plus years of experience in the HVACR industry working with and training contractors, technicians, distributors, and OEMs.

Jamey is a member of the RSES (Refrigeration Service Engineers Society). He received the Imperial Award in 2006 for the highest grade in the commercial refrigeration exam and was the Manufacturers Service Advisory Council member of the year in 2008.

Jamey is Chemour’s Senior Technical Training Manager. He has developed and presented many training sessions over his 17 years with the company.

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