Edward McFarlane

Breakout Presentation:

Breakout Date and Time Wednesday, October 16, 3:00 PM

Training Your Team to Make a Difference

We all know we should “do training”. But how do you know you are doing it right? What are the do’s and don’t s that make training effective. Not just fun but structured for long term impact. You will leave this session with the confidence that the training you are doing the right things that will make a difference.

About Edward McFarlane

Like many in the mechanical industry, Edward McFarlane started as Service Technician in the field. He joined Haller Enterprises in 2006, with a focus on Residential Service and Replacement. Edward has served in a variety of positions in Sales, Management and Marketing. He has enjoyed working with teams in Commercial and Residential, New Construction and Service and Replacement. Edward is an entrepreneur and holds several positions. He is Co-founder of Schedule Engine and continues to serve as an Executive at Haller Enterprises.

With a passion both for the industry and for seeing others fulfill their potential Edward enjoys sharing best practices. He is a member of the National ACCA Board of Directors.

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