Dan Antonelli

Breakout Presentation:

Breakout Date & Time Thursday, October 17, 2:00 PM

Dan Antonelli

How to Win the Branding Wars

Win the hearts and minds of your target customers by investing in better branding that is well integrated. When branding is done right, it builds strong relationships with customers and draws in potential customers before they even need your services. It creates a buzz across all marketing channels—from truck wraps to websites to print collateral and more. With strong branding, your marketing efforts earn a better ROI. Dan Antonelli, founder and president of KickCharge Creative, will show you how disruptive brands make marketing more effective.

About Dan Antonelli

Growing a small business is no easy task. It takes ingenuity, resolve and setbacks before reaching success.

Dan knows this because he’s lived it.

From a one-person basement shop to an award-winning agency, Dan navigated the tumultuous small business landscape and lived to tell the tale. Moreover, he’s helped over 1,000 individual brands recognize the better side of business: all while building a best-in-class agency that’s collectively earned over 200 design awards.

Ever since he began hand-lettering trucks at 14, Dan has been chasing his passion for brand building and logo design. His expertise on small business marketing has been referenced by Entrepreneur, Inc. Magazine, Fox Business News, SiriusXM, SignCraft Magazine, Intuit Small Business Blog, The Newark Star LedgerHVACR Magazine, Contracting Business, and Green Industry Pros, among others.

Dan is frequently recruited to speak at workshops and industry trade shows as a brand master and champion of small business success. The definitive industry expert on logo design for small business, Dan has authored three books on the subject and established KickCharge Creative as the premier brand-building agency for small businesses nationwide.

His latest book, Building a Big Small Business Brand, is a critically acclaimed playbook for all-things branding. Check it out here.

Dan relishes helping small business owners and entrepreneurs crush their competition. As President of KickCharge, he oversees all aspects of brand design and development. As Creative Director, he combines his design passion with seasoned brand-building expertise. As the nation’s leading small business branding advocate, Dan reminds clients to invest in their brand and embrace it as the rock-solid foundation of a successful business.

Driven by his relentless desire to surpass the industry standard for small business branding, Dan operates with a single mantra in mind: Be better today than you were yesterday.

Fiercely competitive by nature, Dan is also an avid Cat 3 cyclist, as well as the organizer and promoter of our agency’s very own team – KickCharge Creative Cycling Team, which includes nearly a dozen cyclists who compete or ride in various cycling events in New Jersey and beyond.

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