Brian Cohen

Breakout Presentation:

Breakout Date and Time Friday, October 18, 8:45 AM

Brian Cohen

Selling Your Business – A Case Study of Our Last 5 Transactions and What You Can Do to Increase the Value of Your Business

For nearly 2 decades, SF&P Advisors has been assisting contractors to maximize their business values and successfully selling them for high multiples. In this breakout session, Brian Cohen will walk through the last 5 transactions that he has handled and show you why some of the companies have sold for more and why others have sold for less. Attendees will leave this session with actionable items that can be implemented immediately which will increase the value of their business.

About Brian Cohen

Brian Cohen is the Business Strategist at SF&P, he works with and managing sellers and buyers along with formulating and executing our corporate growth strategies. Brian serves clients throughout the buying and selling process and transaction. He made himself an invaluable part of the SF&P team over the years. Previously, Brian ran a small home improvement organization with over 100 employees in multiple locations. He is well versed in sales and marketing strategy, has incredibly deep relationships in the HVAC/plumbing/mechanical contracting space and has consulted with dozens of clients across a wide range of industries. 

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