Brendan Reid

Breakout Presentation:

Wednesday, October 10th , 11:15 AM – 12:00 PM

Technological Breakthroughs Trigger New Opportunities For Business Growth

Recent breakthroughs in building technologies are having a real impact on the HVAC industry, redefining the HVAC professional’s role as the go-to provider of building performance solutions. Expanding your business to include new services related to comfort, indoor air quality and energy efficiency can be a relatively simple process with tremendous opportunities for growth. This presentation will take a look at how the latest duct sealing technology, breakthroughs in envelope sealing and other innovations are changing the rules on home performance and providing HVAC contractors with new opportunities for business growth.

About Brendan Reid

Brendan is a 40 year veteran of the HVAC, building science and duct performance industry. While a techno-nerd at heart, his passion is helping contractors communicate duct & envelope repair benefits to their clients. He co-founded blower door/duct-tester manufacturer Retrotec in 1980, and performance contracting training organization Comfort Institute in 1998. He is now an industry trainer and speaker, and consultant to Comfort Institute.

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