Get Connected — and Encourage Customers to Do the Same — to Stay Competitive in the Service Industry

If you’re in HVAC, plumbing or other service industry specialties, a wave of change is currently rocking your boat — whether or not you realize it. Connected Home (which you might know as Smart Home) is taking increased control of the market, and if you can’t offer these products to your customers, someone else will.

Connected Home encompasses all types of automated products, from those highly related to your niche (such as smart thermostats) to products that simply run parallel or near your space. Popular products in the space include Wi-Fi-enabled cameras, automated locks, voice-controlled lights and video doorbells, and new products are hitting the market at an insane pace.

You might think you don’t have time to keep up with these products or even a reason to do so, but that’s not necessarily true. These products represent the next wave in the service industry, and if you’re ignoring them, customers might soon ignore your company.

Carol Longacre, owner of Longacre Construction and the Connected Home Program Manager for Service Nation Alliance, has enjoyed (and continues to flourish in) a long career within the niche. Her entrepreneurial spirit has positioned her at the cusp of major industry changes on more than one occasion, so it’s a space she’s comfortable and commanding in.

And she’s planning to share that vision with attendees of the 2018 Service World Expo via a breakout session titled “Connect or Die.”
Come hear Carol talk about the range of Connected Home products and how you can integrate them into your business to boost your bottom line, win at customer retention and ensure long-term success.

While you’re here at Service World Expo, don’t forget to check out all the other expert speakers to get the inside-track on how to succeed in the industry. Breakout sessions will include:


  • CHRIS HUNTER Learn how to gain customers and technicians using social media
  • LAURA NELSON Improve your contracting business’ presence on Google, Yelp, Facebook, and Nextdoor to build your brand
  • MIKE MONTANO Learn how remarkable customer experiences is the best way to market your business
  • Marketing Innovations PanelPanelists discuss strategies, including embracing new technology, for more efficient business marketing
    • Moderator: Larry Taylor, Crystal Williams, Shawn Henson, Ben Stark, Abe Romero


  • BRIGHAM DICKINSON Improve customer interactions to increase business
  • MATT BONFIGLIODiscover how to provide the best possible experience to win customers for life
  • STEVE MORES How to get the most out of every employee training
  • Jeff Crandall Six proven winners that will make your field process the strength of your company
  • JOE CUNNINGHAMLearn how to make your company more visible


  • EDWARD MCFARLANELearn how proper training program can reduce turn over and help you find new employees
  • TREVOR FLANNIGANDiscover methods to find and keep experienced residential technicians, plumbers and electricians
  • JIM BATSONLearn how to scale business with outsourcing


  • TOM D’AMICO Receive a demonstration of the latest innovations in artificial intelligence (AI) engine’s
  • ROSS BIESTMANDiscover the implications current technology trends pose on the Home Services Industry
  • BRENDAN REID Find out how the newest HVAC technologies can provide you with unprecedented business growth opportunity
  • CAROL LONGACRELearn the threat, opportunity, and everything you need to know to get started in Connected Home field


  • STEVE MILES documenting and implementing repeatable processes and procedures
  • KENNY CHAPMAN Learn to build a solid systems in your company to provide income and freedom
  • FRANK BESEDNJAK Learn the environment and routines that will make you and your team become more ambitious, attentive and looking for ways to improve in performance
  • BUSINESS TRANSFER PANEL A Tell-All Panel on Selling or Transferring a Business
    • Vicki & John La Plant Moderating, Panelists: Kevin Frump, Tom Peregrino, Kelly Schols, Alana Ward


  • BRIAN HENDERSONWaste reduction through better inventory management
  • MARK EATHERTONThe latest innovations in hydronics
  • TIM MCGUIRETracking and reclaiming refrigerant
  • MELANIE GENTRYUnderstanding compliance in the service industry
  • FAMILY IN BUSINESS PANELNavigating the Challenges of Mixing Family and Business
    • Moderator: Carol Longacre, Panelists: Amber Sewell, Ryan Snow, Sean Stark, Joe Strittmatter


  • LYNN WISELearn the Profit First Assessment and Rollout Plan
  • BILL PALMERFix business operations through accounting
  • LISA MCCARTHY Learn how to automate your accounting programs and what your financial statements say about your business
  • MICHAEL BOHINCReduce losses through fraud


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